This short was developed in early 2021 with the youth club of the berliner GRIPS Theatre. Because of the lockdown group rehearsals in person were not possible. Our sollution was to have the concept adapted into a short film and schedule individual shooting days with the participants. The title translates to "Enough! - a moving urban exploration" and shows a series of thoughts, moods and actions, performed by the participants and members of GRIPS Theatre's youth group, Banda Agita, as a way of complying, but also coping with the difficulties of the social distancing measures, accepting and confronting loneliness and finally re-uniting in a CGI sequence.

Maurice Bartz
Inessa Fettin-Beganovic
Jonathan Hecker
Fabian Hochheim
Maria Liebl
Maximilian Obernauer
Josephina Zarbock

Concept and directing: Oana Cîrpan
Concept and choreography:  Christina Wüstenhagen
Video:  Andrei Bârză
Assistence:  Mohamad Saleh
Musical score: Johannes Welz
Costume assistance: Orli Baruch

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